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Miniature headset from DACOM Store


bluetooth headset reviewsParcel came quickly – 10 days and I have it. The headset was packed in two cardboard box – postal and corporate.As a gift, the seller still put a cover for the phone, which is worn on the shoulder, it was indicated in the description of the product. Also included is a charging cord, instructions in Chinese, a letter (also in Chinese), and interchangeable silicone inserts of a larger size in the amount of two pieces.

bluetooth headset jabra

The sound in this thing is not bad enough, you can listen to music, but not very nice. But to use for its intended purpose, i.e. to talk – very much so. The interlocutor will hear you well too. The microphone does not make noise and writes well.The charge lasts for five hours of active use. The earpiece sits tightly, does not fall out.Connects without problems.

bluetooth headset for iphone

I tried with the phone and tablet. But with the computer did not want. Or just something went wrong with me.When turned on, it starts to chat with you in Chinese. The LED indicator on the side will also indicate that the device is on and ready to use.The thing for your money is very cool. Its compactness is a big plus. And the color that I took was not visible on the body at all. Recommend!

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