flying with wedding dress delta

Flying Dress in Floor Gently Blue Color


It is very cool flying fish dress code , I fell in love with him at first sight, here I like everything. Starting from the delicate color and quality of the fabric and ending with the style and how it sat down. In general, such a style of such dresses seems to me to be invented specifically for lush ladies. The absence of folds at the waist and a fitted model are not added to the extra cm at the waist. The sleeves made by a little flashlight on our magnificent handles look very feminine and the patterns with darts not only under the chest but also on the back, will show everyone our slimness and statistiness) Girls are our dress in every sense.

flying fish dress code



flying tomato handkerchief dress



flying with wedding dress delta


flying tomato embroidered dress


flying tomato blue dress


Flying Dress in Floor Gently Blue Color

The fabric here is polyester cotton, ironing is difficult to say right away, especially since the fabric here is a bit tense, on the one hand, this plus you can not particularly try to iron everything. The fabric does not shine and is rather dense, I love such fabrics as they are flowing, flowing, and very dynamic.

This fabric does not electrify and does not stick to the feet. I took the size XXL for my parameters and did the right thing. the dress is not very large by 2 cm and it is in the chest, but the seller writes that there may be errors in 3 cm and they are allowed, and I have 6 cm in the exhaust, just enough to feel comfortable in this size goes my shoulder. Do not forget to look at all sizes and shoulder and waist and exhaust.

There is a deep zipper on the back, it is very convenient to put on, Zipper is secret and goes down below the waist level. Included is a belt, it is quite long, and closes the cutting waist just. Tailoring a dress factory, all seams are smooth and processed. The sleeves on the wrists are made on elastics. I liked the dress very much and I would love to wear it and of course I recommend it to you. Oh yes, my parameters are 98 \ 78 \ 98 height 162 and the heel on me is 11 cm if that.

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